About Argo Furniture

Argo Furniture’s design focus is centered upon creating charming furniture elements that are made with high-quality materials.

Argo Furniture takes its name from the Greek epic poem, The Argonautica. The Argo was a mythical ship built from an enchanted piece of timber and constructed with the guidance of the Greek goddess, Athena. The notably beautiful ship went on to be the dependable vessel of the mythological hero, Jason. We are inspired by this myth to create designs that preserve the idea of producing items that are aesthetically pleasing while serving a practical and reliable function. 

Located in Southern California, Argo Furniture has an extensive inventory of items that can be shipped from our warehouse in City of Industry or a customized container can be purchased and directly shipped from our factories.

We work closely with designers and retailers to ensure courteous and efficient service.


475 S Grand Central Pkwy #1615,
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Showroom: B-625


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